We met with Philipp during one of our trip to Austria. He is a young winemaker who took recently over from his father.


Based in Gedersdorf, the last village in the Kremstal

appellation, Philipp has several parcels of different terroirs located on very steep-inclined terraces.


We are sharing a common philosophy of winemaking by respecting the soil and having a minimal intervention on the wines during vinification.

Gruner Veltliner, Rescued, Somm in the Must, Kremstal, Austria 2015

Rescued Cuvee came after a tasting of a barrel of Gruner Veltliner in the cellar.

Phillip was not convinced that consumer would love this wine due to the unusual style of the vintage.


We thought the quality was exceptional and decided to save this Gruner Veltliner from ending in a Spritzer.


We decided to blend 10% of the same wine from the vintage 2016 to add a touch of freshness and acidity.